I Watched the Wizard of Gore…

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Have you ever watched a movie and thought “What did I just watch?” The Wizard of Gore is one of those types of movies. The screenplay is not amazing BUT the concept and over the top scenes are enough to keep you watching. Aside from the opening where Montag the Magnificent uses a guillotine to decapitate himself, the violent acts Mantag performs on stage during his show have a realism to them that can make some cringe. The manner that they filmed his volunteers/victims on stage while he is performing his “illusions” is like a roller coaster ride. What’s real, what isn’t? One second the volunteer is just kind of standing there, the next she is getting ripped to shreds.

While this game of “what the Hell is going on” is taking place, we also have multiple shots of the audience, who are just sitting there like they didn’t just see a man hammer a spike through a woman’s head and pull out her brain. I’m guessing the gruesome acts on stage are in his head? Still doesn’t make sense because even in the “not gory” cut scenes, he is still doing things like cutting a woman in half with a chainsaw. So lets just roll with that. He is performing illusions on stage but in his mind he is brutally mutilating these women. That actually leads to an interesting concept because as it turns out, all the women who volunteer are found dead hours after the show. When they are found, their bodies are spontaneously mutilated in the same manner as the “illusions” that took place on stage. Sherry Carson, a local TV reporter, and her boyfriend Jack, a newspaper sports reporter, attended these shows and are on site when the first “murder” takes place. Sherry wants Montag on her talk show and Jack thinks he knows Montag is behind the murders and tries to prove it…as any sports reporter would do.

A lot of stuff is building up in this movie such as the bodies disappearing due to Montag stealing them and throwing them into a basement….or a crypt…or something, it’s not clear.

Sherry gets Montag to appear on her show and he now has a whole audience to hypnotize and complete whatever his objective is. We still don’t know his motives but the end of the movie is approaching so I’m sure we will find out soon! He sets a fire and tries to lead everyone into it but the hypnosis doesn’t effect Jack(he apparently looked away at the right moment) and he rushes to push Montag into the fire…still some time, I’m sure they will connect the dots. We now have Sherry and Jack having one of those fancy living room floor wine picnics when suddenly Jack rips off his face to reveal he is Montag! Ok…..then he attacks and starts ripping apart Sherry’s mid-section. I’m sure this IS warranted IF I knew what his motives were…it’s almost the end and still nothing! Suddenly Sherry, who is now a bloody mess, just starts laughing. This is followed by a rant from her about Montag being her illusion then she apparently hits the reset button. We end with montage on stage beginning his show all over again. I guess the whole movie didn’t really happen? It’s like they kept teasing with a good plot but didn’t know where to go with it. So many unanswered questions. Would I recommend this movie? Yes. The bazaar nature of this movie alone is worth a watch and maybe if watched a few times somethings may start to make more sense.

One thing I wish was answered is what is he doing/what happens with the bodies he steals?

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